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Permit Center Front Sign

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2023 Permit Center Mixer- Public Works

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2023 Permit Center Mixer

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2023 Permit Center Mixer- Council Member Tony B

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Paperless Permit system allows for an easier and faster way to apply for building permits. Apply anytime, as our Paperless Permit system is available 24/7. 

Paperless Permit Portal

Apply online for the following permits:
  • Simple Permits - For Proposed Solar, Reroofs, Mechanical, Electrical or Plumbing, Single Trade Work. 
  • Building Permits - For Proposed Alterations, Additions or New Buildings and Other Work containing Multiple Trades.
  • Demolition Permits - For the Removal of an Entire Building or Buildings.
  • Revision Applications- For Changes to an Issued Permit.
  • Sign Permits- For Proposed commercial signs.

Division Information

The permit center acts as a coordination hub, bringing together representatives from different departments or agencies involved in the permit approval process. This can include building inspectors, zoning officials, fire marshals, environmental health officers, and others. By centralizing the permit process, it aims to streamline and expedite the application and review procedures, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and standards.

The permit center serves as a point of contact for applicants, guiding them through the permit application process, answering questions, providing information, and assisting with any required documentation. It may also offer additional services such as fee collection, recordkeeping, and permit tracking to monitor the progress of applications and ensure compliance with permit conditions.

Overall, the purpose of a permit center is to facilitate the issuance of permits, promote public safety, and ensure that construction, development, and other activities comply with relevant laws, codes, and regulations.

Division Contacts

ADU Hotline


Building (Questions)


Building (Submittals)

Business Support Hotline


Code Enforcement








Permit Monthly Reports

January-2023-Permits-Applied(PDF, 508KB)

January-2023-Permits-Issued-Summary-by-Type(PDF, 362KB)

January-2023-Permits-Issued-with-Fees-and-Values(PDF, 479KB)

January-2023-Permits-Finaled(PDF, 529KB)

February-2023-Permits-Applied(PDF, 594KB)

February-2023-Permits-Issued-Summary-by-Type(PDF, 364KB)

February-2023-Permits-Issued-with-Fees-and-Values(PDF, 487KB)

February-2023-Permits-Finaled(PDF, 537KB)

March-2023-Permits-Applied(PDF, 599KB)

March-2023-Permits-Issued-Summary-by-Type(PDF, 362KB)

March-2023-Permits-Issued-with-Fees-and-Values(PDF, 497KB)

March-2023-Permits-Finaled(PDF, 527KB)

April-2023-Permits-Applied(PDF, 583KB)

April-2023-Permits-Issued-Summary-by-Type(PDF, 365KB)

April-2023-Permits-Issued-with-Fees-and-Values(PDF, 497KB)

April-2023-Permits-Finaled(PDF, 496KB)

May-2023-Permits-Applied(PDF, 594KB)

May-2023-Permits-Issued-Summary-by-Type(PDF, 364KB)

May-2023-Permits-Issued-with-Fees-and-Values(PDF, 503KB)

May-2023-Permits-Finaled(PDF, 519KB)

June-2023-Permits-Applied(PDF, 559KB)

June-2023-Permits-Issued-Summary-by-Type(PDF, 364KB)

June-2023-Permits-Issued-with-Fees-and-Values(PDF, 510KB)

June-2023-Permits-Finaled(PDF, 518KB)

July-2023-Permits-Applied(PDF, 555KB)

July-2023-Permits-Issued-Summary-by-Type(PDF, 369KB)

July-2023-Permits-Issued-with-Fees-and-Values(PDF, 505KB)

July-2023-Permits-Finaled(PDF, 528KB)

August-2023-Permits-Applied(PDF, 616KB)

August-2023-Permits-Issued-Summary-by-Type(PDF, 366KB)

August-2023-Permits-Issued-with-Fees-and-Values(PDF, 481KB)

August-2023-Permits-Finaled(PDF, 524KB)

September-2023-Permits-Applied(PDF, 560KB)

September-2023-Permits-Issued-Summary-by-Type(PDF, 366KB)

September-2023-Permits-Issued-with-Fees-and-Values(PDF, 505KB)

September-2023-Permits-Finaled(PDF, 521KB)

October-2023-Permits-Applied(PDF, 595KB)

October-2023-Permits-Issued-Summary-by-Type(PDF, 365KB)

October-2023-Permits-Issued-with-Fees-and-Values(PDF, 494KB)

October-2023-Permits-Finaled(PDF, 521KB)

November-2023-Permits-Applied(PDF, 581KB)

November-2023-Permits-Issued-Summary-by-Type(PDF, 363KB)

November-2023-Permits-Issued-with-Fees-and-Values(PDF, 490KB)

November-2023-Permits-Finaled(PDF, 513KB)