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Industrial Waste Treatment Facility Sewer System Management Plan

CASQA Handbooks contains proper BMP's for businesses and commercial industries.

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Background on City Grease Program

The City of Salinas currently has 274.24 miles of sanitary sewer pipelines.   The service area includes a variety of residential, commercial and industrial facilities.  Primary focus of an effective grease program will include commercial food service/preparation facilities. 

Industrial Waste Treatment Plant WasteWater Discharge Fees

Below is the formula for calculating Industrial Waste charges beginning on January 1, 2013.  The new rate structure was approved by City Council on July 24, 2012.  Rates were established by Resolution No.20254 (N.C.S).



Cost per month =

Service Fee $415 + ($0.28 x Average Month BOD) + ($1,036 x Average Month Flow (in millions of gallons)

Admin Office:
(831) 758-7233

Storm System Maps catch basins, storm line, outfalls and surface flow.

Sanitary Sewer System Maps of sewer line, manholes. and flushing inlets.

Michael Barnhart
michaelb [at] ci.salinas.ca.us
Admin Office:
(831) 758-7233
Admin Office:
(831) 758-7233

Sewer Backup Claims Procedures

When a sewer overflow is reported the City of Salinas staff will gather information regarding the sanitary sewer incident. The Wastewater Crew Supervisor or the Wastewater Manager are responsible for a department response to a filed claim, all information will be forwarded to the Risk Management Analyst or to the requesting party.