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Salinas Downtown Vibrancy Plan

Final Draft of the Downtown Vibrancy Plan is Here!​

Salinas Downtown Vibrancy Plan presents a clear and detailed vision for the future of the heart of Salinas. Its recommendations include new policies, processes and many new capital improvements Downtown that build on the momentum already a-buzz.

Major projects are already stemming from the Plan

The Plan calls for a bold new Downtown that will attract new visitors, build homes for new residents and provide a safe, clean, and relaxing environment for their enjoyment.


​​The Downtown Vibrancy Plan was developed through an extensive outreach process and shaped by public input, in fact, nearly all of the ideas and concepts presented in the following plan were discovered through dialogue with residents, property owners, business owners, and other who cared to share their aspirations. Newsletters providing regular updates of the collaboration process are found below. Through this process, the plan evolved to include the following four major themes:

  1. Destination Downtown
  2. Building the Heart of Salinas
  3. Managing Parking Resources; and
  4. Stimulating Development Activity​


While preserving the connection to History, Downtown Salinas will offer a vibrant place where the City’s past and future come together to create a healthy mix of residences, businesses, civic institutions, recreation and culture in a fun, safe and family-friendly setting.

Feel free to check out the Plan’s Facebook page and join the conversation.

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