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Apply for a job with the City?

Human Resources

Apply Online!

You can now apply online by visiting . Please note, applicants are responsible for confirming the receipt of any employment application materials sent to the Human Resources Department via US Mail and/or internet mail.

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Report graffiti in my neighborhood?

PW Maintenance Services

Graffiti abatement - Hotline: (831) 758-7926

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Learn more about youth sports?

Recreation Programs

The Parks & Community Services Department offers several sports programs for the youth of Salinas. A variety of leagues, clinics, and camps are offered throughout the year. For a complete listing of the youth sport leagues and/or registration information, please contact the Recreation Center at (831) 758-7306.


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Apply for the Housing Rehabilitation Program?

Housing and Community Development

The Housing Services Program is a home repair and improvement program serving property owners within the Salinas city limits. Through the HSP, the City of Salinas provides technical and financial assistance, allowing qualifying property owners to correct deficiencies and improve the livability of their residential property. Low interest loans in...

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Close off a street for a block party?

Neighborhood Services

Check out Neighborhood Services to find information to help you plan a Neighborhood Block Party.

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Find my lost pet?

Animal Services

If your dog or cat is lost start looking IMMEDIATELY! Don’t wait for your pet to come back on its own. Canvas your neighborhood, calling out for your pet. If they normally respond to a treat jar or favorite squeaky toy, bring it with you. If you don't find your...

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See what RFQ/RFP's are open?

Public Works

To see the most current list of Public Works Department's Request for Qualifications/Proposals related to Professional Services: Public Works RFP/RFQ page

To find out about Construction Projects Open for Bid: Construction Projects

To see the most current list of all other Request for...

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Find fire safety info for kids?

Fire Department

Keep your children safe by talking to them about fire safety and firefighters early and often.

Fire Safety for Kids

Smokey the Bear

Sparky the Fire Dog

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Sign up for the Senior's Utilities User Tax Exemption?


Visit the Senior's Utility User Tax Exemption page to find the signup form and instructions.

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