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About Chinatown and Community Development

Currently, the City of Salinas and its Chinatown neighborhood partners are undertaking a community-led planning process to continue the revitalization of this critical neighborhood. The process will develop recommendations as well as implementation strategies to address the housing, access, mobility, and socioeconomic needs of the neighborhood. The 2017-18 Chinatown Revitalization Plan will support the social, environmental and economic health of Salinas’ historic Chinatown district. The strategies, recommendations, and concepts developed through this planning process will guide both future private, public, and social investment. Short and long-term strategies will help identify priorities that will support City staff and partners in proactively managing neighborhood land and resources. As with all Salinas planning efforts, public input is critical and participation is vitally needed from business, service providers and the public. For more information, visit the Chinatown Revitilization webpage.

The Community Development Department is committed to creating a safe, healthy, and prosperous Salinas through targeted revitalization and sustainable, well-designed land use and development. Department functions include planning, permitting, management of federal funding, housing production, code enforcement, and business development. There are six divisions in the Department: Plan & Project Implementation, Advanced Planning, Current Planning, Permit Services, Code Enforcement, and Housing & Community Development.

Core Values

  • We believe in efficient customer service and citizen engagement
  • We believe that economic vitality is important to community development
  • We believe in integrity, mutual respect, courtesy and dignity
  • We believe in innovation and teamwork

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