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Survey benchmarks measure the height or elevation of a location and are often used for land development projects to establish elevations. The benchmarks in this dataset measure height according to the North American Geodetic Vertical Datum 1929 (NGVD 29) and are recorded to their nearest street intersection with description codes providing information to find the exact location. Benchmarks established by the city up to 1997 are recorded in this dataset. The locations and descriptions are recorded as they were when first established. Changes since establishment have not been tracked and thus benchmarks may have moved vertically or been lost. Caution is advised for relying on the accuracy of the information in this dataset.

See the metadata for an abbreviations key for determining benchmark locations. If you are unable to find a benchmark listed in this dataset you can contact the Salinas GIS Division at [email protected] and we will flag the benchmark as lost.

For projects requiring a high accuracy GPS control network see the city’s Survey Marker dataset which includes the city’s GPS Control Network marker locations and see NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey (NGS) database which includes markers within the city.


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