Citizenship Program Scores a Homerun!

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News Date: 
August 3, 2018

The Literacy Center has a new volunteer, and she is someone who truly has experience. Maria prepared for the Citizenship Exam by joining one of the Literacy Center's small groups. The group met twice a week at the Cesar Chavez Library with a dedicated tutor. Maria is delighted because she just recently passed the exam, and now she wants to help others by becoming a tutor volunteer herself. We consider that a homerun!

"It only took me 6 months to pass the exam and get all my paper work processed," she said recently to Margarita, a Literacy Assistant for the Library who helped Maria reach her goals. "That surprised me!" she said. "I thought it would take much longer. I want everyone to feel the same pride I felt when the immigration officer told me that I had passed!" I want to encourage others to get started right away!."

The Library's literacy programs include small group tutoring for the Citizenship Exam, as well as for the High School Equivalency Exam. For more information, please call the Literacy Center at (831) 758-7916 or visit here..