Staff Attends 2020 United States Census Training

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News Date: 
October 18, 2018

Community Development staff attended a training in September on the upcoming 2020 United States Census. The training prepared staff for the City's role in the upcoming census to ensure a complete count of all Salinas residents. The training informed staff of the push to hire temporary Census canvassers, and new technologies that create a seamless process for census canvassing, such as a mobile phone app that allows the canvassers to select their own hours for work. The training informed various tools for engaging community members in "hard to count areas." Hard to count areas include locations with a significant population of veterans, foreign born persons, renters, senior citizens, homeless persons, and children under five years. 

Obtaining an accurate and complete Census count is extremely vital for our community. The Census not only determines political boundaries, but the resulting data from the count determines the allocation of hundreds of millions of Federal and State dollars to fund infrastructure, programming, hospitals, and schools. Stay tuned to the City website to learn more about Census 2020 and how you can be a part of it. For more information about temporary Census jobs, please visit this web page: