East Rossi Street Safe Streets Pilot Program

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The Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) initiated a new Safe Streets Pilot Program in November 2019. The Safe Streets Pilot Program aimed to utilize planned roadway maintenance projects, such as repaving, to demonstrate low-cost features to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety. Funding for the Safe Streets Pilot comes from the Regional Surface Transportation Program; funds that TAMC sets aside for Complete Streets implementation.

East Rossi Street was selected for award of grant funding on December 4, 2019. East Rossi Street has a recent history of both bicycle and pedestrian collisions, particularly at the intersection of East Rossi Street and Sherwood Drive. 

The concept plan proposes the installation of buffered bike lanes, signal modifications and improved roadway geometry. Installation of new bikes lanes and pedestrian improvements of East Rossi Street are also strategic goal identified in the Chinatown Revitalization Plan.

The Salinas City Council adopted a resolution on February 11, 2020 accepting grant funds for the East Rossi Street Safe Streets Pilot Program.The City of Salinas received $152,000 TAMC grant funds with no local match. 

To read the February 11, 2020 City Council Report please see the following link: