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Licensing Your Dog

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**Please note: During the COVID-19 Shelter in Place, there will be no in person or telephone licensing services available. Online licensing is available at https://licensepet.com/wl3/reg/slnswl or you can mail in your license payment to 144 Hitchcock Road, Salinas CA 93908.**

Chapter 7 of the Municipal Code includes the rules and regulations for licensing your dog. All dogs four (4) months of age and over residing within the City limits must have current rabies vaccination and be licensed at Salinas City Hall or at Animal Shelter Services.

A current rabies vaccination certificate (from a veterinarian) is required to obtain a license. Vaccinations can last from one to three years, depending upon the medication used. Typically, the first rabies vaccine is good for a one year period and subsequent vaccines are good for 3 years. A license can not extend past the expiration date of the rabies vaccination. A veterinarian’s certificate is required in order to obtain the reduced license fee for a spayed/neutered animal; unless this fact is recorded on the rabies vaccination certificate or the animal has a prior license.