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If your dog or cat is lost start looking IMMEDIATELY! Text 831LOST to 56525 for proven tips to help you locate your pet and file a lost pet form.  You'll also be reminded with a text link to the pets currently in our shelter.

Don’t wait for your pet to come back on its own. Canvas your neighborhood, calling out for your pet. If they normally respond to a treat jar or favorite squeaky toy, bring it with you. But don’t stop there! Make signs to post all over your neighborhood and surrounding blocks. If there are any stores which will allow you to post your sign, do that too! You can also check online on social media websites like Facebook and Craigslist, which has been helpful at reuniting lost pets with their owners.The more people that know your pet is missing, the more eyes are looking out for it.  Check out this page for more tips and a list of helpful social media sites Monterey County.

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