Learn what happens if a dog or cat is brought to the animal shelter

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When animals are brought to the shelter either by an officer or a private citizen,we first look for any identification, tags, licenses or microchips. Please note that all animals that can be safely handled are scanned for microchips. 

If information about the owner is located, we will attempt to contact the owner to pick up the animal. If the owner can’t be reached by phone, a letter is sent notifying the owner of the animal's location. Animals found to be wearing identification are automatically held longer than those animals without any information. This is why it's so important to keep your pet's ID current and updated. Help us get them back to you ASAP!

As part of the intake process, animals are given vaccines to help reduce the chance they’ll catch kennel cough or an upper respiratory infection. They are also are briefly examined for other general health problems. Once they are entered into the computer and have had their photo taken, they will be placed into our stray animal holding areas.

Our website updates every hour so new animals will be listed on our website soon after entering the shelter. Stray animals are held for 3 business days before they may be placed up for adoption, transferred to a rescue group or euthanized. This does not include the day they first arrive or the days we are closed. Please do not wait to look for your pet at the shelter if it is lost!  Please view the animals currently in the shelter here: www.hitchcockroadanimals.org

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