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**NOTE: Due to the COVID-19, services have been reduced to emergencies only. 

During this time of minimal resources, Salinas Animal Services is asking the following:
1. Please be a responsible pet owner and make sure your pet stays at home so that our very limited resources are there for those that truly need it.
2. If you find a stray animal and can safely house it for the next several weeks, please do so. You can email us at [email protected] so that it’s documented but do not expect a response. We also recommend posting on social media outlets like Facebook and NextDoor to help locate the pet's owner. The more that know, the better chance to locate the owner!
3. Lost reports can still be made online at www.salinasanimals.com. Please do not expect a response.
4. For emergency situations like an injured or sick an animal, stray animals that pose a safety risk, please contact the non-emergency dispatch office at 831-758-7321 Monday-Friday 8-4pm.
5. Understand that most bite investigations will be conducted via phone and email until further notice.
6. If you find an unweaned dog or cat, please reach out to Animal Friends Rescue Project at [email protected].
7. Please stay at home with your pet. The sooner we can all do our part, the sooner we can get back to helping the animals in our community.


Field Services

  • Enforcement of City animal codes
  • Licensing (in the field)
  • Pick up deceased animals
  • Public education
  • Quarantine services
  • Two officers pick up stray, lost, injured, and/or aggressive animals within City limits
  • To report a stray, injured, aggressive, or deceased animal within Salinas City limits, please call the non-emergency police dispatch line at 758-7321.

Shelter Services

  • Adoption
  • Education
  • Licensing
  • Return to owner
  • Shelter all animals found within City limits
  • Volunteer opportunities at shelter


  • All dogs and cats over four months of age are required to have a current rabies vaccine
  • Dogs are required to be licenses and wear a license tag
  • Cat licenses are voluntary but all cats over four months of age are required to have a current rabies vaccination
  • Licensing fees