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Commercial Cannabis Businesses

The City of Salinas regulates the establishment and the operation of a limited number of commercial cannabis businesses, including cultivation, dispensaries, manufacturing, and delivery services.  The City allows for the establishment and the operation of no more than twelve commercial cannabis businesses, with up to three of each category.  The City’s final, adopted ordinance establishing regulations on commercial cannabis businesses is available here.  The City has received applications for the available permits and is currently in the process of reviewing those applications to determine whether any of the applicants is qualified to obtain a permit.  No new applications are being accepted at this time.  The application review process is expected to conclude during the first quarter of 2017, with permits being issued to qualified applicants at the end of the review process.  If there are not a sufficient number of qualified applicants and the full allotment of permits is not issued, the City may consider re-opening the application process to identify additional qualified applicants.

Any questions may be directed to the City Attorney’s Office at 831.758.7256.