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Commercial Cannabis Businesses

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Commercial Cannabis Businesses

The City of Salinas regulates the establishment and the operation of a limited number of commercial cannabis businesses, including cultivation, dispensaries, manufacturing, and delivery services.  The City allows for the establishment and the operation of no more than twelve commercial cannabis businesses, with up to three of each category.  The regulations pertaining to Commercial Cannabis Businesses can be found in Chapter 16B of the Salinas Municipal Code.

Update on Commercial Cannabis Permits and Applications for Commercial Cannabis Permits

The City of Salinas has completed its review of applications submitted for Commercial Cannabis Business Permits.  Permits will be issued to the top three applicants in the dispensary, cultivation, and manufacturing categories.  No additional applications are currently being accepted.

On August 15, 2017, the Salinas City Council will consider whether to make additional permits available and, if so, the scope of the competitive application process for the additional permits.  Anyone who is interested in the availability of additional permits and the potential for a competitive process for any additional permits may attend the City Council's August 15 meeting and participate in the public discussion of the issues.