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You can learn more about opening your business in Salinas, including finding a site, learning about our region, and contacting City Staff at our Economic Development website, Business in Salinas.

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Draft Economic Development Element (EDE)

In June 2014, the Salinas City Council accepted the Draft Economic Development Element (EDE).  The EDE, as a comprehensive, strategic planning document, provides the vision, context, and focus for the community’s economic development efforts.  The EDE deals in depth with how Salinas can realize the vision of an economy that is prosperous, healthy, and environmentally sustainable: a vision summarized in the phrase Safety, Jobs and Health. To realize that vision the EDErecommends 17 goals, 8 strategies/topic areas, 97 policies and 337 actions, which are based on three strategic foci: (1) Workforce and Education, (2) Land Use and (3) Quality of Life and Public Services. These foci are designed to support synergistic policy-making, so that decisions made in each realm reinforce those made in the others.  The intersection of these three focus areas identify important potential outcomes relevant to the future economic prosperity of Salinas, and stem from public and private investments in workforce education and training, commercial and industrial development, and public services and infrastructure; essentially forming a vision for economic prosperity as evidenced in safety, jobs and health.  The EDE is to guide future decisions of the City Council and the community in all aspect of City policy and budgeting to proactively promote responsible economic development to achieve this vision.  The figure below is a diagram of the vision foci which guided the preparation of the Draft ED Element and emerged from the early stages of the EDE’s extensive Community Outreach Program.

City of Salinas EDE Graphic

The next step is for the draft EDE to be adopted as part of the City’s General Plan including the certification of a programmatic EIR and corresponding General Plan Amendments.  Technical studies, reports and a public review draft EIR are currently being prepared.  The draft environmental documents were released for public review on September 5, 2017.  The City Council will consider the EDE for adoption late 2017.