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Commercial Cannabis Businesses

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Commercial Cannabis Businesses

The City of Salinas regulates the establishment and the operation of a limited number of commercial cannabis businesses, including cultivation, dispensaries, manufacturing, distribution and delivery services.  The City allows for the establishment and the operation of a limited number of cannabis businesses.  The regulations pertaining to Commercial Cannabis Businesses can be found in Chapter 5, Article VII of the Salinas Municipal Code.

Commercial Cannabis Business Permits and Applications

The City of Salinas has two types of Permits which may be issued to commercial cannabis businesses: Commercial Cannabis Permits and Administrative Permits.

Commercial Cannabis Permits

Commercial Cannabis Permits are required for any business that engages in the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution (except as described under Administrative Permits), dispensing, and/or delivery of cannabis or cannabis products.  These permits are awarded on a competitive basis, and a limited number of permits are available throughout the City for each type.  Applications are accepted only during review rounds.  The City of Salinas is not accepting applications at this time.  The City of Salinas does not maintain a mailing list for notifying prospective business, and does not maintain a "wait list" or accept "pre-applications" from prospective businesses.  If you are interested in applying for a Permit, please check back periodically to this website.

Administrative Permits

These Permits are required for Testing Facilities and Small Distribution Facilities.  There is no limit to the number of permits that may be issued, and applications may be submitted at any time.  Applications that meet the requirements of all applicable laws and regulations will be approved.  These laws and regulations may be found by expanding the Administrative Permit accordion below.

Employee Work Permits

All persons that work at a commercial cannabis business, including contractors, must first obtain a Work Permit from the Salinas Police Department.  These permits must be renewed on an annual basis.  If an employee has a Work Permit, but then accepts a position with a different commercial cannabis business, the employee must obtain a new Work Permit.  The Work Permit application includes a Criminal History Check.

Please expand the Work Permits accordian below for documents related to obtaining an employee Work Permit.  For more information, contact Evelia Marr, Senior Police Services Technician, at (831) 758-7226.

News and Updates

Commercial Cannabis Permits Issued

Effective December 28, 2017, the City of Salinas has approved 20 businesses for the conduct of business within the City of Salinas.  All of these businesses are approved to do business in both adult-use and medicinal cannabis.  These businesses are:

Cultivation (Maximum 5)

1) Badfish Gardens - 590 Work Street

2) Cypress Manufacturing - 681 Work Street

3) Emerald Skyway LLC - 1610 Moffett Street

4) Flor Cultivation - 1155 Harkins Road

Delivery (Maximum 3)

1) Compassionate Bay Delivery - 1051 Terven Avenue

2) Golden Essentials - 1020 Merrill Street

3) Purple Trilogy Inc - 1020 Merrill Street

Dispensary (Maximum 5)

1) Canna Cruz - 1156 Abbott Street

2) Cypress Manufacturing - 681 Work Street

3) East of Eden - 514 Work Street

4) Emerald Skyway LLC - 1610 Moffett Street

5) Griffin Holistics - 1072 Industrial Street

Distribution (Maximum 5)

1) Cypress Manufacturing - 20 Quail Run Circle

2) Flor X - 516 Work Street

3) Riverview Farms - 343 Rianda Street

Manufacturing (Maximum 5)

1) 710 Combinator - 518 Work Street

2) Cypress Manufacturing - 20 Quail Run Circle

3) Emerald Skyway LLC - 1610 Moffett Street

4) Griffin Holistics - 1072 Industrial Street

5) Riverview Farms - 343 Rianda Street