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Commercial Cannabis Businesses

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Commercial Cannabis Businesses

The City of Salinas regulates the establishment and the operation of a limited number of commercial cannabis businesses, including cultivation, dispensaries, manufacturing, distribution and delivery services.  The City allows for the establishment and the operation of a limited number of cannabis businesses.  The regulations pertaining to Commercial Cannabis Businesses can be found in Chapter 16B of the Salinas Municipal Code.

Update on Commercial Cannabis Permits and Applications for Commercial Cannabis Permits

The City Council adopted changes to the Salinas Municipal Code relating to Commercial Cannabis Businesses on August 15, 2017.  A Staff Report detailing the proposed changes as well as the revised Ordinance may be found below.  These changes will be effective September 15, 2017.

Application Round 1B

The City of Salinas is now accepting requests to reconsider applications previously submitted during Round 1.  These must be submitted to the City Attorney’s Office no later than October 27, 2017.  Resubmittal forms and requirements may be found below.