Digital NEST Salinas: Summer 2017 Successes

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News Date: 
September 25, 2017

The doors to the Digital NEST Salinas opened its doors in the Spring of 2017. Here are some highlights on what was going on in the Salinas NEST:

  • In 4 months, the Salinas NEST grew to over 130 youth members
  • Eager learners packed the house for more than a dozen Web + Information Technology classes and trainings
  • Members experienced real tech workplaces, visiting NASA, Pandora and a girls-only field trip to Pinterest
  • Female participation and membership took a jump with the addition of Digital Storytelling workshops
  • Trainees designed and built their first website for a local client, Asian Cultural Experience (ACE). 
  • Two members were hired to install IT at the new Goodwill headquarters
  • Tanimura & Antle were so pleased with the college-aged Salinas member they hired for a summer internship that they are trying to extend his position

There is much more to come this fall. Stay tuned!