Travel Center Project Moves to Next Phase of Review

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News Date: 
March 19, 2018
Elevation drawings of part of Travel Center buildings

On February 20, 2018, the Draft Environmental Impact Report and Specific Plan went out for the Salinas Travel Center project went out for a 45-day public review period.

The proposed project is located at the south end of the City at De La Torre and Highway 101 (shown on the figure titled “Location Map” below) and includes applications for Annexation, Prezoning/Rezoning, Specific Plan, General Plan Amendment, Parcel Map, and Site Plan Review approvals. The annexation applies to the entire 64-acre site, of which a total of 30 acres are within Caltrans and City roadway rights-of-way. A parcel map is proposed to divide the site into four parcels. A specific plan has been prepared to guide development of the entire project site. A travel center is proposed on one parcel of 13.86 acres. It includes a convenience store with an attached branded fast-food restaurant, automobile and truck fueling stations, and a mechanic’s facility with a total of 20,349 square feet of building area. A 79-room hotel is proposed on a 2.19-acre parcel with 50,371 square feet of building area.  The hotel and travel center are shown on the site plan below. There is no planned development for the third and fourth parcels at this time. Maximum building potential for the 17.93 acres within these two parcels is 390,110 square feet based on the General Plan FAR for the General Industrial land use designation. The proposed General Plan amendment is required to change the existing General Plan land use designation for the 2.19-acre hotel site from General Industrial to Retail. The existing Industrial land use designation and zoning for the remaining three parcels would remain unchanged. The proposed project is estimated to generate approximately 681 jobs. 

The electronic "Notice of Availability of the Salinas Travel Center Draft Environmental Impact Report- Request for Comments" is found at the following link:

Travel Center location map