Code Enforcement Staff Help Keep Salinas Fed, Safe, and Clean

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News Date: 
June 3, 2020
Code Enforcement Staff with Food for Homeless

Code Enforcement Staff Help Feed the Unsheltered

In partnership with the Salvation Army, Code Enforcement staff are actively participating in feeding the unsheltered. Meals have been provided since early April as part of the disaster relief services being provided by the City of Salinas. Pre-packed meals are made by Salvation Army and are being distributed daily, with partial help from our Code Enforcement staff at these sites: Sherwood Park, Industrial/Sanborn, Cassentini, Rico/Rossi, and Carr Lake. 

Community Clean-Ups Make a Difference

To help relieve rubbish accumulation around the city, community clean-ups are being conducted at multiple encampments. Code Enforcement is helping to distribute the adequate tools, bags, and provide support to conduct these clean-ups. Community clean-ups are aimed to help the unsheltered dispose of their waste and create a cleaner community. Those living in the encampments are participating in this clean-up by using the tools supplied to pick-up all trash in their area. Visible results have helped motivate the unsheltered in clearing the entire site as well as being consistent participants in the weekly clean-ups.

Before community clean-up       After community clean-up

Annual Weed Abatement Program Begins

The annual weed abatement program has restarted for Code Enforcement. As the weather heats up, it is important to pay attention to overgrown weeds that can lead to an increased fire risk. To help reduce fire risk, citizens are asked to mow and cut all weeds taller than six inches. Code Officer McKinlay is addressing overgrown weeds on commercial and residential lots. With the enforcement of weed abatement, Code Enforcement has been able to work with many property owners around the city to bring their properties into compliance.

Weed abatement before and afters