COVID-19 Restrictions for Businesses

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News Date: 
November 19, 2020

As COVID-19 becomes progressive and cases are increasing, Code Enforcement is helping to limit the spread. Since April 2020, Code Enforcement has played an active role in educating businesses on operation requirements during the pandemic and over the last four months has implemented an educational campaign to guide businesses in compliance and social distancing. All businesses that are conducting operations without the proper permits or procedures set in place by state and local orders and guidelines may be cited.

As some Salinas businesses have not met compliance, Code Enforcement Officers have been conducting outreach to flower vendors, restaurants, gas stations, and retail businesses all around the City informing them of face covering requirements, proper social distancing requirements, as well as permits, if needed. Some requirements include:

  • All outdoor operations require a Temporary Land Use Permit
  • Restaurants with a canopy are only permitted to have one side down on the covering
  • Face coverings are required to be worn above the nose and mouth at all times while in public settings

Code Enforcement would like to remind the community that while an individual may be subject to a citation for refusing to wear a face covering, the business is also liable for allowing such violation. It is crucial that more residents and business owners adhere to the guidelines provided for lessen the chance of community spread.

We thank and appreciate all that are adhering to the guidelines and orders issued. For more information on how to obtain a Temporary Land Use Permit please call 831-758-7367.