Having a garage sale? Don’t forget your permit!

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June 26, 2019
Garage sale

With the start of summer, garage sale season is ramping up. Code Enforcement wants to make sure you know the rules before you set up your sale.

First things first: a permit is required. They cost $13.25 and can be obtained by visiting the Finance window located inside the Permit Center at 65 W. Alisal Street. Be sure to bring in proof of residence such as an ID or bill with your name and the address of where the sale will occur.

Each property is eligible for one garage sale permit within a 12-month period. If you live in a multi-unit residence like a townhome or apartment, be sure to coordinate with your neighbors since you’re only eligible for one permit a year for the whole property. If you’re hosting a larger neighborhood yard sale, be sure that each property obtains their own permit.

Permits cover either three consecutive days (e.g. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) or two consecutive weekends of two days each (i.e. a Saturday & Sunday and the following Saturday & Sunday).  Plan accordingly to make the most of your permit.

You may want to advertise your garage sale, just keep in mind that off-site signs are not allowed. You can put a small sign on your property the day of the sale, but you should not post any around the neighborhood. Instead, consider posting about your sale on social media or in the newspaper to increase attendance.

If you have any questions about obtaining a garage sale permit, you can call the Finance Department at (831) 758-7211. For questions about Code Enforcement’s garage sale enforcement, you can call (831) 758-7157.