How to Expand your Home's Driveway

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News Date: 
February 27, 2020
Image showing expanded home driveway

Where can I park my car at my residence?

Parking availability is undoubtedly an issue in many residential neighborhoods in Salinas. Code Enforcement frequently responds to complaints of front yard parking throughout the City. City ordinances states that vehicles may only be parked within garages or carports and on approved driveways. What many residents don’t realize, is that driveway size regulated. Driveway widths are limited to 10-feet in width in front of a single car garage, 20 ft in width in front of a two-car garage, and 28-feet in width in front of a three-car garage. In general, this allows for the parking of one vehicle in front of a single car garage, two vehicles in front of a two-car garage, and three vehicles in front of a three-car garage. Any other surfaces, regardless of pavement, are part of the yard.

In November of 2019, City Council approved an amendment to the zoning code which would allow residents to apply for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to expand their driveways. This created a pathway to compliance for many properties that may have already paved the area adjacent to their driveways and wish to park their vehicles there. The amendment allows up to an additional ten (10) feet of driveway width on the side opposite of the front door of the dwelling. Additionally, Council voted to reduce the fees for this CUP by 40% for a six-month period. If you apply for the CUP to widen your driveway prior to June of 2020, the cost for the CUP is $521.94. Once the six-month period is up, the fee will revert to the standard fee of $869.91. This CUP would run with the land and allow for an additional parking space adjacent to your approved driveway even if property ownership changes.

If you have questions regarding the process and whether your residence is eligible, you can come into the Permit Center during business hours and speak with the planning division.