Sherwood Park Cleanup - October 12th

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News Date: 
October 22, 2020
Photo of Sherwood park cleanup, volunteers and staff cleaning up landscaped area.

On October 12th, Code Enforcement in partnership with City Yard, Community Development, CSUMB, Smith and Enright, and Salinas Police Department conducted a Health and Safety Clean-Up at Sherwood Park. In the weeks leading to the clean-up outreach was conducted and all unsheltered residents were notified of the clean-up and the guidelines that would begin to be enforced after the clean-up was complete. With the outreach conducted, 22 unsheltered residents were able to obtain emergency shelter at local motels, 35 unsheltered residents were tested for COVID-19, 20 unsheltered residents signed up to receive engagement services, and 25 unsheltered residents are now on track to permanent housing. During the clean-up, temporary storage bins, snacks, and lunch was provided to the unsheltered residents. The CSUMB Outreach team was out at the site as well informing residents of services that are available to them. Thank you to all departments for conducting a safe and successful clean-up!