Beautifying Salinas! The Three-tiers of Landscaping 

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News Date: 
May 16, 2022

Beautifying Salinas! The three-tiers of landscaping 

Did you know that the City of Salinas Zoning Code has a three-tier landscaping requirement for landscaped areas? The three tiers are: 

  • grasses or groundcovers,  

  • shrubs, and 

  • trees.  

The three tiers of landscaping requirement helps to  

  • provide a variety of species and varying textures of landscaping (such as flowering bushes, native grasses, and evergreen trees) that improve the public experience, increase beautification of Salinas,  

  • keep the urban area cool during the summer,  

  • reduce wind shear in the winter,  

  • collect more stormwater into the aquifer,  

  • absorb CO2 emissions from vehicles, and  

  • screen uses such as storage yards or industrial developments. 

The Current Planning Division is responsible for the review and enforcement and of landscaping plans on private property, but not on the public right of way (sidewalks) or on publicly owned lots.  Review of new developments or a change of use for buildings (such as a gym being developed from a defunct grocery store) includes ensuring that landscaping is drought tolerant, native to the area, and follows design standards.  

For more information, please contact the Current Planning Division at 831-758-2306.