Current Planning Assumes Cannabis Permitting Responsibility

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February 8, 2019
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In December of 2018 responsibility for commercial cannabis business permitting was transferred from the City Manager’s Office to the Community Development Department, Current Planning Division. The decision was made because Current Planning and the Permit Center are already extensively involved in the commercial cannabis business permitting in processing applicable building permits, processing zoning information letters, providing data for GIS mapping, fee intake, and communication with the commercial cannabis business operators.

Current Planning has contracted with Rincon Consultants, Inc. to provide assistance on all cannabis-related permitting tasks. Rincon provides services in permit processing throughout the state and has extensive experience with cannabis regulations. Since December 2018, Kelly Miller of Rincon, has spent Wednesdays every week on-site with Current Planning staff, serving as the primary point of contact for current and prospective commercial cannabis permit-holders. Kelly Miller is available by appointment on-site Wednesdays at the City of Salinas Permit Center or by phone (831) 920-6543 and email [email protected] outside of Wednesdays.