Front Yard Parking

News Date: 
November 1, 2022

Parking in the front yard is only allowed on your legal paved driveway which provides direct access to required parking  serving the site per Section 37-50.360(l). Maximum driveway: 10-feet wide for a one-car garage, 20-feet wide for a two-car garage, and 28-feet wide for a three-car garage per Section 37-50.450, Table 37-50.150. Any portion of the front yard that is not a legal driveway or separate walkway shall be landscaped per Section 37-50.690, Table 37-50.190. However, residential single family dwelling unit driveway's width may be increased to extend a maximum of ten (10) feet into the adjacent side yard from the existing driveway past the width of the garage into that portion of the required front yard that is on the opposite side of the garage as the front door of the dwelling unit, subject to the approval of a Minor Conditional Use Permit pursuant to Section 37-60.490(b).