Temporary Use of Land Permit (TULP)

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News Date: 
May 16, 2022

Want to have a temporary event on a commercial property? Here’s how:

A Temporary Use of Land Permit (TULP) is required for temporary activities, events, or signs, which occur on occasion but are not intended to become permanent.  These types of temporary uses include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Circuses and Carnivals,
  • Farmer’s Markets,
  • Outdoor Retail Sales, and
  • Trade Fairs

Some keynotes to know about TULP’s:

  • Zoning codes limit the use of TULPs based on sites
  • TULP’s are usually only for 3 – 5 continuous days once a year
  • TULP’s can be approved over the counter if all documents are submitted together

The price of a TULP can range from $150.94 to $317.10. To see if your site qualifies for such events, please contact Current Planning at (831) 758-7206 or [email protected].