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Downtown Salinas Community Benefit District

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On May 26, 2015, the City Council adopted a Resolution of Intention (Resolution No. 577) to form the Salinas Downtown Community Benefit District (the “District” or “CBD”).  This action included adoption of a District Management Plan and Engineer’s Assessment Report and direction to the City Clerk to mail ballot packets and notice of the public hearing to be held on July 21, 2015 to the proposed district property owners.  At the July meeting, City Council tabulated ballots received and approved Resolution No. 2080 forming the CBD for a term of fifteen (15) years, until December 1, 2030.

As a CBD, parcels within the District boundary derive special benefit from programs and activities funded by assessments levied against the identified properties.  The benefits are special and unique only to parcels within the District because programs and services (i.e. sidewalk operations/beautification; district identity; program management; and, contingency/reserve) are only provided directly for the benefit of the identified parcels.