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Regional Farmworker Housing Study

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About the Project

The City of Salinas was the coordinator of a regional survey, study and forum of farmworker housing and the development of an Action Plan that addresses the following needs:

  • Providing current data to support advocacy for resources and resource allocation, e.g. supporting project financing by affordable housing developers.
  • Fostering regional collaboration so that the supply of farmworker accommodations matches the needs of specific types of farmworkers (e.g. seasonal unaccompanied vs year-round family) and improves farmworker family health through safe living conditions.
  • Developing a collective Action Plan to address farmworker housing shortages so employers can rely on a trained, stable workforce. Solutions may include site identification, evaluation of best practices, recommendations for new sources of financing, and proposed regulatory changes.

Farmworker Housing Study YouTube Channel

Link to the YouTube Channel

Check out several interviews from local stakeholders, Regional Forum sessions, and a video that documents three surveyor's impressions of the farmworker interviews.

Regional Farmworker Housing Study News