Our City Services

Affordable Housing

The City of Salinas has been supporting the development of affordable housing for more than three decades. Since working with CHISPA, Inc. in the early 1980’s to develop 75 units of family housing known as Las Casas de Madera, the City has provided technical and financial assistance to a variety of housing developers to help them construct a broad range of needed housing. Projects run the scope from the rehabilitation of large apartment complexes to the development of small, infill projects serving a variety of special populations.

The City has sought and secured both federal and State housing funds, issued mortgage revenue bonds, established redevelopment districts & allocated tax increment funds, and assisted developers to obtain private financing from many sources. Assisted projects include: a short term residential crisis facility; senior housing; self-help owner-occupied farmworker housing; mixed-income projects; single family subdivisions; housing for the disabled; large unit family rental housing; single room occupancy complexes; and an innovative infill project designed to encourage the provision of smaller daycare facilities. Continuing these efforts is a priority of the City, however, the scale of future success will be contingent upon continuing City access to financial resources such as the HOME and CDBG programs.