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The Housing Services Program is a home repair and improvement program serving property owners within the Salinas city limits. Through the HSP, the City of Salinas provides technical and financial assistance, allowing qualifying property owners to correct deficiencies and improve the livability of their residential property. Low interest loans in amounts up to $72,000 are available to eligible property owners to make repairs to their residential property. The loans are processed and administered by the HSP, with an interest rate of 5% for owner-occupied residences and 6% for the owners of rental property. The loans have an amortized term of 15 years. The rates and terms of the program are established by the City Council and are subject to change. In certain hardship situations, repayment of the loan may be deferred. In these instances the interest rate is 3% and the loan is reviewed every five years.  There is no charge for the HSP loan or the staff time. However, the property owner is responsible for all project costs and fees such as: title insurance, appraisal, plan preparation, etc. These costs may be wrapped into the loan.

Eligibility:  Loans are available for owner-occupant households with an income not exceeding 80% of the median income for Salinas, adjusted for family size, as noted in table below. Rental properties may also be assisted, however, tenants must meet the same income guidelines and rents are restricted for the term of the loan:

Eligible Improvements: roofs, plumbing systems, windows, foundations, floors, electrical systems, bathrooms, kitchens, termite damage, etc.

Housing Accessibility Assistance Grants (HAA)

Grants in amounts up to $14,000 per household are available to assist qualifying disabled property owners to remove architectural barriers which limit access or impede mobility, as well as to install fixtures which may reduce hazards aggravated by a disability.

Eligibility:  Owner-occupants of mobile homes or single-family residences whose household members include individuals with physical disabilities or handicaps. The property must be located within the City limits. The title to the property must be vested in the name of the qualifying applicant or a member of his or her immediate family. Rental units are not eligible. Only licensed contractors may perform funded work requiring a building permit. Assistance is provided as a grant; funds need not be repaid unless fraudulently obtained.

Eligible Modifications:  The following are examples of items eligible for funding:  wheel-chair lifts,  ramps, railings, grab bars, ball bearing drawers, personal hygiene hardware, appropriate floor coverings, installation of shower unit, widening of doors, cabinet alterations, rewiring to lower switches or raise outlets, replacement of door and window hardware, and alteration of plumbing fixtures.

How Do I Apply?

Interested households should first call the City of Salinas Housing Services Program and be advised of eligibility criteria and the application process. Potential applicants are provided an application to determine eligibility. Upon successful determination of preliminary eligibility, staff completes necessary title and income verifications. Next, the site is inspected and a list of repairs/modifications is written up. Staff obtains bids, monitors the work, and processes payment. Denied applicants will be provided with a written notice of denial. (Hablamos Español)

2016 Income Limits

Family Size Maximum
1 $42,650
2 $48,750
3 $54,850
4 $60,900
5 $65,800
6 $70,650
7 $75,550
8 $80,400

To Apply:

City of Salinas
65 W. Alisal St., 2nd Floor
Salinas, CA 93901
(831) 758-7334
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