City Inclusionary Housing Program Helps First-Time Homeowner

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News Date: 
January 10, 2018
Photo of house at 222 Christensen Ave

The City Housing Division is pleased to announce that they were able to assist with a successful resale of a restricted low-income inclusionary unit located at 222 Christensen Avenue.  This existing 4 bedroom inclusionary unit was resold to an eligible first-time homebuyer low-income household at a sales price of $203,832 which is well below the current market-rate median home sales prices.  This is one of many success stories as a result of the City’s Inclusionary Housing Program. Since 1992, the City of Salinas (City) has had an adopted Inclusionary Housing Ordinance (Ordinance) in effect.  The Ordinance typically requires developers of certain types of residential projects to provide a percentage of inclusionary units to be constructed within a development.  Ownership and rental inclusionary units that are constructed as a result of the Ordinance are designated for various affordability levels such as very low, low and moderate-income categories.  To-date the City administers over 700 restricted ownership and rental inclusionary units within its current housing portfolio.  The City’s Community Development Department Housing Division (Housing Division) is responsible for the overall administration of the Inclusionary Housing Program. As part of the overall administration functions, City Housing Division staff assist with monitoring, unit inspections, and eligible refinance and resale transactions.