Code Enforcement Appreciation Week

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News Date: 
October 30, 2018
Code Enforcement Manager Lorenzo Sanchez points out some violations during an inspection

This October, the Council proclaimed the second week of October as Code Enforcement Officer Appreciation Week in the City of Salinas in acknowledgement of the important and often overlooked work that Code Enforcement does in the community. Code Enforcement Officers play a vital role in addressing blight as well as major health and safety issues throughout our neighborhoods. By addressing properties with accumulated rubbish, stored inoperable and prohibited vehicles, and vehicles parked on front yards, Code Enforcement Officers play a key role in maintaining property values and the image of the community. By addressing property maintenance issues, building code violations, and health and safety code violations, Code Officers work each day to improve safety in homes throughout the City.

Our Code Officers have a demanding job in which they play different roles from problem solvers, to mediators, to educators. While we work each day to be more efficient and effective in serving the community, we rely on the public to engage with their neighbors and come forward with their concerns. We encourage every resident to build relationships with their neighbors and be open to speaking with their neighbors before submitting a complaint. While we have a goal of being more proactive in our enforcement, most of our cases are initiated through reports from concerned neighbors. Our entire Code Enforcement team is dedicated to making our neighborhoods more safe and beautiful and to serving all residents of Salinas.