Community Development Connects at CiclovÍa

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News Date: 
October 17, 2018

On October 7th, the Salinas community enjoyed the outdoors during their annual CICLOVIA event where many had the opportunity to cycle, run or walk. Attendees enjoyed live music, participated in raffles and free giveaways from local organizations. Many organizations that participated are working to create healthier neighborhoods and provided information and resources to residents.  

The City of Salinas Development Department staff was there to engage the community  in two visual surveys that focused on transportation & infrastructure and quality of life for the Alisal Vibrancy Plan. The visual surveys asked participants “What would help you access City recreational facilities and libraries?” and “What would encourage you to use the bus or other alternative modes of transportation?”. Participants could select from several options on the survey or write their own comments. “More equipment for all ages” and “better lighting in parks” were the most popular choices for the first question, receiving 81 and 79 votes respectively. “Improved pedestrian lighting” and “protected bike lanes” received the most tallies on the transportation survey, with 96 and 83 votes. More frequent bus service also scored highly, receiving 70 votes. Thank you to the estimated 114 people who participated in our activities, and everyone who made this event possible, including our staff and Building Healthy Communities (BHC) for hosting the event.