Protecting Public Health & Cleaning Chinatown: One Block at a Time

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News Date: 
June 30, 2022

Did you know?

Vector control specialist responded to rat and mice problems in Chinatown Neighborhood thanks to funding from the City of Salinas and a $20,000 grant from the Coalition of Homeless Service Providers. The City of Salinas’ Street Outreach and Response Team (SORT), service providers, volunteers, and community members took a proactive approach to ridding rodents from Chinatown which resulted in more than 300 rodents removed so far.

Community Collaboration

Controlling rodents capable of harboring or transmitting disease to humans is important to protecting public health. Vector Specialists collaborated with Code Enforcement Officer, Lorenzo Sanchez, to implement best management practices that included active and consistent street cleaning. Members of the community earn community service hours to collect debris along the streets and alleys. Ridding rodents from Chinatown can be effectively accomplished by properly eliminating food sources outside the buildings and keeping streets clean. Please read the tips below to learn how you can be part of the solution.

Targeted Areas in the Chinatown Neighborhood:

  • Soledad St.

  • Bridge St. & Alley

  • E. Lake St.

  • Market Way

Be Part of the Solution:

  • Throw out trash as soon as you are done eating

  • Clean up debris and trash as soon as possible

  • Keep garbage bin lids always closed

  • Keep sidewalks and alleys clean