Vendor Permits for Mother’s Day

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News Date: 
April 17, 2019

With Mother’s Day less than a month away, Code Enforcement wants to remind business owners and flower and gift vendors who plan to set up booths to obtain their Temporary Use of Land Permits (TULPs) and mobile vendors to obtain their vendor permits. Any person who plans to set up a table or booth on private property to sell flowers and gifts for Mother’s Day, and at any other time of the year, must obtain a TULP. The application requires approval from the property owner, a valid business license, a permit fee, and sign off from the planning division on the location of the booth and duration of the TULP. Tables and booths should not obstruct or encroach on any public sidewalk or other public property. All vendors should have a valid vendor permit and carry their vendor identification card with them while selling. Mobile vendors should keep moving, should not station themselves at one location, and should not be set up on private property. For safety reasons, vendors should not station themselves at intersections or driveways and should not operate in a way that impedes pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Code Enforcement plans to do additional outreach in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day to ensure that all vendors understand the requirements and operate in safe manner. Code Officers will be out monitoring the City for unpermitted vending on the days leading up to and on Mother’s Day. Those in violation may receive citations or could potentially have their merchandise confiscated if they fail to comply after warnings.

We encourage all those who are considering vending this Mother’s Day to reach out if they have any questions about obtaining these permits. For more information on how to obtain a TULP, visit the Current Planning Division’s webpage:, or you can call (831) 758-7206 or visit the Permit Center and ask to speak with the Planner of the Day. For more information on obtaining a vendor permit, visit the Development Engineering Division’s web page:, or you can call (831) 758-7251 or visit the Permit Center and ask to speak with the Development Engineering Division.