City Upgrades Permitting Software to Improve Workflows and Customer Experience

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News Date: 
September 19, 2019
Permit Center, Salinas CA

In 2007 the Community Development Department (CDD)  upgraded the city permitting system from Wintegrate, to was a program that was housed and hosted on city servers and provided the CDD the permitting tracking solutions for the past 12 years.  Over the 12 years, the program has been expanded from supporting two divisions – Building and Planning, to include Code Enforcement, Advanced Planning, Legal, Fire, Public Works and Stormwater. Additionally, in 2011, the program was expanded to include a mobile application that allowed inspection staff to upload information directly from the field. 

Since 2007, the internet has expanded and the programs available today are much more powerful and functional.  In order to capitalize on those items, City Council passed an ordinance that allowed the CDD to upgrade to TRAKiT 9.   The TRAKiT 9 is a fully mobile, fully cloud-based program that expands field access from mobile devices directly from inspection sites where they can create reports and file them electronically. It provides the way to turn paper forms into digital workflows and will provide a citizen portal that can be accessed by applicants to submit plans, pay fees or renew business licenses all on-line without having to come into the office.

The set-up for the upgrade occurred between September 9-11, and was completed on time and efficiently with a large amount of help by the city’s IT department.  The program went live on September 12th with minimal interruptions in services to the community.  The program itself will soon be expanded to include a GIS function once completed by the city’s GIS department.  Business licenses are now included within the program and online services will be increased as the processes are created.  The on-line payment function will be utilized once the process and procedures are expanded to include all of the new functions and abilities of the program.