Permit Center Implementing Kaizen Training to Improve Service

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News Date: 
September 5, 2018
Permit Center

Permit Center closing 8-10 AM on the first Friday of the month for training; bringing Building Permit Specialist onboard.

As the Permit Center moves forward with the Kaizen Training Action Plan, it’s important to make sure the public and staff are aware of all the details.  In order to achieve the consistent implementation of the plan, the permit center will be closing on the first Friday of every month from 8-10AM  to conduct an all hands training session.  The closure would allow staff who work at the Public Counter and are critical in providing quality customer service to focus on internal procedures without having to leave and assist with customers. More recently, we have also been coordinating with the Public Works and Fire Departments in improvements at the Permit Center. The closure also would allow us to include these departments in training to implement the Action Plan and streamline permitting.  The first closure will be this Friday (Sept. 7) and will focus on the duties and processes of the Building Permit Specialist.  This position was filled last month and the specialist has been focused on learning the “Pre-Application” phase of the Action Plan.  Beginning next week, we will launch and start to process the first step detailed within the Action Plan.  This step will provide required information based upon the scope of work the customer wants to build in writing.  It will include requirements from only the applicable departments – reducing over processing.  Provide a tool to reduce “late hits” and provide a path to recognize permits that may be able to be approved over-the-counter.