Alisal Land Use Workshop and Vibrancy Plan Update

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News Date: 
June 13, 2018
Workshop participants

Over 50 residents and stakeholders helped shaped the future of Alisal development at the May 8 Land Use Workshop. Participants chose from eight categories of potential land uses, developed from community feedback heard so far in the planning process, or could create their own. More options for housing, increased access to services such as childcare, and greener streets were some of the most frequent recommendations from the workshop. Quick summaries according to development type and location are attached to this story as well as a map showing every dot placed during the workshop. More workshop materials are located on document page of the plan's website.

Alisal Vibrancy Plan working groups are wrapping up their first phase of content creation this month. For a full list of meeting dates, check out the plan calendar. In July and August, the Steering Committee will review all the content from the working groups before it is sent to the consultant team to create the first draft of the plan. We will also be using this time to create a community survey, and using pop-ups and a meeting toolkit to continue community engagement.