Alisal Vibrancy Plan Engagement Update

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News Date: 
January 24, 2019
Small group discussion at Engagement Evaluation

Over the past two plus years, City staff in partnership with community grassroots organizations have been engaging the Alisal residents, business owners and stakeholders to develop a community driven, action-oriented plan for East Salinas. Alisal Vibrancy Plan (AVP) community engagement strategy and tools included the following:

* Technical Advisory Committee of community stakeholders (community-based organizations) to develop and guide community engagement process

* Steering Committee consisting of East Salinas residents and stakeholders to guide the planning process and develop and review plan content

* Five Working Groups including Steering Committee members, residents, technical advisors and other stakeholders to develop strategies and plan content in the topic areas of Housing, Community Health and Safety, Economic Development, Qualify of Life, and Transportation and Infrastructure

* Broader community outreach and engagement efforts such as community workshops, pop-ups at community events and gathering places, topic focused presentations and discussion activities with community groups and organizations (SUBA, Ciclovia Youth Intern, Firehouse Senior Group, WIC classes, Alisal Family Resource Center), and a Community Conversation Guide, or Tool Kit, to engage individuals in small group discussion regarding the key plan topics.

Click here for a more detailed summary of this first phase of community engagement; content development.

The next phase of plan preparation is underway. Plan content developed by the five working groups and steering committee has been turned over to the Consultant team to prepare a draft plan which will include identification of community needs and wants and proposed strategies and actions based on best practices to achieve the community’s vision for an attractive, welcoming, active, and safe Alisal.

In February, the Steering Committee and working group members will re-convene to outline the community engagement process and tools (ie: open house, pop-ups, focus groups, survey, etc) for reviewing the draft Plan and prioritizing strategy implementation. A draft Plan will be presented to the Planning Commission and City Council late spring 2019 for consideration. For more information on the AVP process, visit