Community Shares Ideas and Solutions for a Vibrant Alisal

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News Date: 
November 1, 2017
Community working together at small-group discussion tables

"Create local career mentorship and internship programs"

"Help convenience stores convert to selling healthy food"

"Increase opportunities for affordable rental and owned housing" 

These are just some of the great ideas developed by the community at the Alisal Vibrancy Plan Vision Workshop on October 26. More than 80 residents and stakeholders attended the workshop, where they collaborated in small groups to explore three key questions:

1. What makes a healthy and safe community?

2. How can we improve housing in the Alisal?

3. What kind of opportunities do you want for youth growing up in the Alisal?

These questions were based on core themes that have emerged from community engagement over the past year, including Steering Committee and community meetings, and public events like El Grito, Ciclovía, and Take it Outside. Staff will use the community's ideas to start drafting vision statements and guiding principles for the Alisal Vibrancy Plan, and will bring content back to the public for feedback at the Working Group meeting on November 16 (Firehouse Recreation Center, 6-8 PM) and Community Design Workshop, January 23-25. Once available, meeting notes, photos and more will be posted to the plan's website, Check out the website to find more information about the plan and learn how to get involved!