Over 50 Apply to Lead Alisal Plan

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News Date: 
April 5, 2017
Children painting a mandala on Alisal

As of April 4, the City has received 54 applications for the Alisal Vibrancy Plan Steering Committee. As noted in previous stories, the Steering Committee will guide Plan content, and ensure the plan reflects the ideas and will of the community. Of the 54 applicants, 35, nearly two-thirds, live in the primary project area, while many of the others have a strong tie such as working or owning a business in the Alisal.

The City and its partners are committed to forming a Steering Committee that represents the neighborhoods, and the demographic and geographic diversity of the Alisal. While community partners have started to review applications, the City will continue to accept new ones until we meet this goal.  

For more information, please contact Lisa Brinton at 831-775-4239 ([email protected] (link sends e-mail)), or Maria Orozco at 831-775-4243 ([email protected] (link sends e-mail)).