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News Date: 
January 7, 2021

The City of Salinas is pleased to announce the official launch of our all-new, online platform for small business support in Salinas. The mission and vision of the website is to connect new and existing entrepreneurs with information on City processes, help businesses in Salinas thrive, and promote effective and transparent communication. This website was developed to support the implementation goals and strategies identified in the Alisal Vibrancy Plan.

Our goal with the Salinas Business Support website ( is to create a user-friendly browsing experience for our business community. It is important that new and repeat visitors can easily find information and immediately gain a better understanding of the City's support for and resources available to Salinas businesses. 

As maintaining the safety of businesses and residents, increasing online interaction with the community, and improving accessibility of information were top focus areas in the development of this site, a COVID-19 information page has been created and will be updated regularly with fresh content pertaining to the continued Federal, State and local orders and resources that impact businesses. The City is dedicated to ensuring our social network platforms are also updated with current content and business partner resources.

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If you have feedback or would like additional information or resources, please contact the City at:

City of Salinas Business Support 

Business Support Hotline: (831)758-7367

Business Support Email: [email protected]