Steering Committee for Alisal Vibrancy Plan Holds Orientation

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News Date: 
June 14, 2017
Steering Committee Members work in small groups

The Steering Committee for the Alisal Vibrancy Plan held an orientation on June 7, at the WIC offices on East Alisal Street, co-facilitated by city staff and members of our Technical Advisory Committee. Over two-thirds of the Steering Committee are residents of East Salinas neighborhoods and every one of the 28 members has a personal connection to the Alisal. The primary role of the Steering Committee are to ensure that residents are engaged and driving the Alisal Vibrancy Plan process, and  that plan contents and documents reflects the vision and ideas of the community. At the orientation, which was conducted in both English and Spanish, the members began to build the foundation for their work by getting to know each other and forming agreements on how to work together and build concensus. The Steering Committee will meet at least monthly throughout the planning process and will soon turn its attention to preparing for large-scale community engagement kick-off events in August and September. The Steering Committee will also help guide the launch of a website dedicated to the plan, which will provide project updates, a calendar of engagement events, and more information on how everyone can share their voice in the planning process.