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Measure G

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Measure G is a 1 cent transactions and use tax for General services. The tax was effective April 1, 2015 and will expire in 15 years.

With the passage of Measure G in November 2014, the City is now in a position to make strategic investments to restore services and make strategic investments into public facilities and infrastructure. Each of the department’s plans are focused on delivering services and projects that are aligned with Council goals and objectives, ranked in the highest priority based budget quartiles A and B, and reflect the main interests of the community, as determined by extensive community outreach, surveys and engagement. 

The public have consistently expressed a desire for more services to achieve a better, safer Salinas. Crime prevention, public safety, economic development, and street and sidewalk repair all contribute to safe, clean neighborhoods. These and other critical public services have all suffered from inadequate funding. Increased funding for public safety has been identified through the community outreach process as the highest priority, but not the only priority. While residents have consistently stressed the importance of public safety, they have also recognized that safe communities require investments in violence prevention and community-building programs such as after-school programs, recreational activities, life-long learning opportunities and special events/cultural arts programming.