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The City of Salinas Fire Department operates with three platoons, (A, B, and C). Each platoon has 6 Engine Companies that are made up of a Captain, Engineer, and Firefighter, with one of the members being a paramedic. These engine companies are the initial responder to 911 calls for help. There are also 2 truck companies. Truck 1 is housed at Fire Station #1. Truck 2 is housed at Fire Station #5. 

The truck company is made up of a Captain, Engineer, and 2 Firefighters, with one of the members being a paramedic. The truck company's responsibility is the rescue of trapped civilians, ventilation, access to upper floors, and forcing entry at a structure fire. The ladder truck carries a wide variety of ground ladders, tools and equipment to handle any type of emergency encountered. This includes the jaws of life and stabilization tools for vehicle extrications, specialty rope rescue equipment, and portable lighting. The aerial is also equipped with a water pipe capable of delivering 1000 GPM on larger fires. Each platoon has a Battalion Chief who commands the personnel on duty for their respective shifts. In 2015, these teams responded to a total of 13,857 calls with a minimum of 26 personnel assigned to each platoon. Total authorized staffing for the SFD is 99 personnel, 93 of personnel being sworn public safety employees. An increase in service for the city was brought about in July of 2016, when the second truck company was added and the minimum daily staffing went from 23 to 26 people daily.  This equates to a higher level of service for the citizens of Salinas.   

The department staffs six fire pumpers and two 100-foot ladder trucks.  The department also has a Crash Truck, a specialized unit for airport responses housed at Station 4, which will respond to airport emergencies. Also at Fire Station 4 is the OES Fire Engine.  In times of state wide need, wildfire or natural disaster, Salinas Firefighters staff this engine and respond to the incident as a part of the State Wide Mutual Aid system.  Station 5 houses a Type III wildland brush unit available for response within the city and for State Wide Mutual Aid requests.  At Fire Station 3 the Hazardous Materials Unit is housed.  In 2013, the Hazardous Materials team received formal typing to the State of California Type II Status after a rigorous examination process and was reorganized as the "Monterey Operational Area Hazardous Materials Response Team". The team is divided into two divisions, the Inland Division and the Coastal Division.  In late 2016 the department will receive a new Hazardous Materials apparatus allowing the team to then achieve a Type I status.  This and the advanced training that the Level I certification brings all leads to a higher level of service provided to the citizens of Monterey and San Benito Counties. 

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