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Fire Station 3

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  • Fire Station, City of Salinas

Located at 827 Abbott Place, Fire Station 3 was opened in 1957 and is home to the Division of Training. All SFD recruit fire academies are held on sight at station 3.  Also, California State Fire Marshal training classes have been held at the training center.  The training grounds are comprised of a classroom, traditional concrete drill tower, and many other props that can simulate all of the activities involved in firefighting.  Roof props for ventilation, door props for forcible entry, props for breaching, and more.  SFD personnel have constructed many of the props on site. The Salinas Police Department uses the training center for tactical training and the Monterey Peninsula College Fire Academy uses it for their weekend drills. This station houses a three-person ALS engine company, which serves the southern district of the city. Also at this station is one reserve engine.