2018 Qualified Fireworks Lottery Applicants

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News Date: 
March 12, 2018
Firework Safety Poster, City of Salinas

The Salinas Fire Department has completed reviews of 41 applications to enter the fireworks sales booth lottery that will be held on March 19, 2017 at 1:00 PM in the City Hall West Wing Conference Room, 200 Lincoln Avenue, Salinas. Please see the attached Press Release for the complete list of applicants that have qualified for the drawing. 

Interim Fire Chief Brett Loomis stated, “The City will select from among the qualified applicants using a lottery draw. Out of the 18 fireworks stands allowed, up to 12 will be for schools or school organizations.” Priority will be given to:

(1) Schools or school organizations, with preference to high schools

(2) Youth sports and activities

(3) Community Organizations, and

(4) Religious and fraternal, service and veterans’ organizations.

Mayor Gunter stated, “It is the intent of the City of Salinas to provide this opportunity to celebrate America’s Independence Day in a safe manner, for the enjoyment of all”.

Interim Fire Chief Loomis wants to remind everyone, “Any and all use of fireworks NOT certified as ‘Safe and Sane’ by the California State Fire Marshal are prohibited in the City of Salinas, and will be strictly enforced. Celebrate Safely”.