El Dorado Tiny Tots Visit Fire Station 1

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News Date: 
March 21, 2018

Salinas Firefighters welcomed the students and parents from the El Dorado Tiny Tots program to Fire Station 1 on February 23, 2018.  One of the foundations of firefighting is teaching fire and life safety to the community.  The tiny tots always bring such an excitement and energy to the fire station.  Our firefighters look forward to this event every year.

There are a number of very important concepts that are shared with the families who visited.  The most important is having a fire safe home.  Keeping matches, lighters, and other fire starting devices in a safe and secured location is critical.   A consistent trend throughout the nation is fire and injury to young people because of cooking accidents.  Teaching families the importance of kitchen safety is included in our presentation.   “Stop, Drop, and Roll” is not only demonstrated by the firefighters but also practiced by the children in the event that their clothes catch on fire.  All of our firefighters aim to make these tours as educational and interactive as possible.

Though fire prevention is our number one goal, sometimes fires do occur.  We show the children what a firefighter looks like in their full protective equipment.  This shows the children what a firefighter looks like when they are inside a building on fire.   “A child will be terrified if they find themselves in a fire situation,” says Interim Fire Chief Brett Loomis.  “We don’t want them to be terrified of their rescuers too.” 

The fire department enjoys partnering with Library and Community Services to support our families in Salinas.  “The best fire is one that never starts,” say Chief Loomis.  “They best way to prevent fires in our community is educating families.”

For more information about fire safety in the home visit www.sparky.org, contact fire prevention at 831-758-7466, or use Salinas Connect http://salinasca.qscend.com/311 to send us an inquiry.